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For Your True African Experience

Why would you hunt BoschNel?

As a family-run business, consisting of a father (Hannes Nel) and his two sons (Brendan and Sheldon Nel) along with our partner, Johan Bosch, we take great pride in offering unrivaled African Adventures for the outdoorsman seeking the ultimate thrill. Africa has so much to offer, why not experience it with a family that spoils you with undivided personal attention, focusing on your experience as a custodian of conservation and wildlife.

As a team of highly experienced hunters, we can assure not only the safety of our hunters on Dangerous game hunts, but an ethical fair chase experience that any hunter could be proud of. It is imperative to us that we share our authentic hunting opportunities.


Every year we welcome a great number of travelers to hunt on some of the most rewarding areas you will find in Africa. By promising quality, we have found that more and more people want to take part in the experience of hunting our areas as we constantly produce trophies that any hunter can be proud of. This did not come as a given, the BoschNel team spent countless hours scouting and preparing numerous areas to get to the point where we can honestly say, we found the perfect experiences for our hunters. Offering the best of everything, everywhere.

We simply do not settle for mediocrity.

In the times we live in today, we found that one of the most basic human characteristics has turned into a rare gem.



Honesty is at the very least the cornerstone of our business. That is why when you start planning your hunt, each and every question you ask will be answered in an honest and straight forward manner. To say the least: if we promise you anything specific, that is what you will receive. Nothing short of it.

We have found that the hunting industry has grown to be very fragile as people tend to promise what they can not deliver, this only results in a hunt ending in a distasteful manner and our mission is to not only give you the experience you've been dreaming of, but to ensure lifelong friendships with our guests.

Now we know words don't mean much and every outfit out there is saying exactly the same thing as to what we are. But we encourage our potential hunters to please get in touch with us, we'll be more than happy to put you in touch with references that have already hunted with the BoschNel Family, hunters from different backgrounds and countries, wanting different things.

Hunters who can tell you, we are what we say we are.

That is why when you hunt BoschNel, you get exactly what you pay for, even if it is your first or 20th Safari, it should be a hunt treasured by you until the end of days.

A hunt filled with quality, honesty and beautiful moments under the African sky.

Our headquarters are based in Marloth Park, a game reserve bordering the Southern fence of the Kruger National Park. Our part of the world is known as the Lowveld and is situated in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. This ultimately has resulted in us being spoiled with true Dangerous game areas, giving us years of Big Game Hunting experience. Hunting of the Dangerous 7 (crocodile, buffalo, elephant, hippo, leopard, lion and rhino) has become an absolute specialty of ours. However, we have further broadened our Horizons by obtaining and developing a new Home Base in the heart of the Northern Cape close to the town of Douglas where the two largest river systems in the country meet to form the Mighty Orange River. Here Hunters can expect to be spoiled by South Africa's breathtaking diversity in terms of Plains Game, Buffalo and Rhino. Our comfortable accommodations are set to indulge our guests in the natural habitat surrounding the Lodge as we have made use of locally found volcanic rock to bring together the raw beauty of the region as well as a touch of elegance. 

BoschNel Safaris also offers a wide range of A-grade concessions that provide exceptional hunting grounds together with comfortable accommodations for the whole family.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Over 300 000 acres of pristine hunting concessions widely spread throughout South Africa to offer all the available species our beautiful country has to offer.

  • Hunting opportunities in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana

  • We are setup to take care of Rifle Hunters, Bow Hunters And Handgun Hunters.

  • Filming and production of your Safari Film

  • Guided safari tours in the Kruger National Park as well as panorama scenic routes

  • Free Range safaris in a number of countries

  • Fishing Safaris for the outdoorsmen willing to chase Africa's different underwater species in the summer months of South Africa.

  • Exhilarating wingshooting safaris for any hunter who enjoys burning lead throughout the day on some of Africa's best birding locations. (Birds are hunted within their specific season and controlled by daily bag limits)

  • Outstanding taxidermy work that will still fit the average joe's wallet and assure the lifelong memories of his/her hunt are captured in the trophies.

  • The opportunity to pursue the elusive Tiny 10


As the many hunters who came before you, you will not be making a mistake entrusting us with your lifelong dreams and expectations.

We Look Forward To Welcoming You To The BoschNel Family

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